Fort Myers Infant Care Program

Welcome to our Infant Care Program!

Our loving, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff conscientiously cares for up to eight children between the ages of eight weeks to eighteen months.  We always have two staff members in our infant care room, so there are never more than four infants to one teacher.

We offer quality care in a safe, healthy, home-like environment.  All of our teachers are highly trained in infant care and are required to participate in on-going classes.   In the infant room, we follow each child’s individual schedule to remain consistent with the child’s schedule at home.  Through observation, learning your child’s cues, and consistent parent/staff communication, we build a loving, joyful relationship with your child.   This close relationship enables us to individualize personal care for your infant.

Infant Care Policy

Little Learners Academy has an open door policy. This means that parents can visit their infant any time during the day, whether it’s a mother to breast feed her infant or simply Mom or Dad to play with their little one. We welcome a close relationship between the parents, infants and staff to create a family-like environment. We know that it optimizes the child’s care when there is communication, relationship and respect between the parents and staff.

infant care fort myers

Infant Care Communication

To help communication between the infants and the teachers, not only do we pay close attention to their individual cues, we also teach the infants sign language.

An infant has the ability to pick up sign language much sooner than verbal skills in their development.

In this way it is much easier for an infant to communicate their needs to a teacher, whether it is simply asking for more food or for help in a task.

Although there is a general, very flexible schedule, it is our policy that our infant care practices are responsive to the rhythms and schedules of each individual child.  We talk with you about your child and your approach to feeding and napping so we are as consistent as possible between home and school.

Infant Care FAQ’s

How often are diapers changed?  We never let a child sit in a wet or soiled diaper. Diapers are changed as soon as needed.   However we also have scheduled diaper changes every one and a half hours to two hours.

Do you allow cloth diapers?  We do not allow cloth diapers in accordance with state regulation.  All diapers must be disposable so that we can maintain a clean, sanitized environment.

Do you leave children to cry in their crib?  We do not practice allowing children to cry in their cribs, however if is a parent’s wish that we allow a few minutes of cry time before nap we will follow the parents’ home routine as closely as possible, without any emotional distress to the child.

Do you hold the infants? Absolutely! We love our infants and want to show our love to them. We hold them, cuddle them, rock them and sing to them. This is a very caring environment – no child goes unloved here at Little Learners Academy.

infant programDo you use any sort of discipline at Little Learners Academy? We believe in redirecting and never shaming a child. We never use harsh tones and try to avoid overuse of the word “No.” We do not believe in discipline but rather teaching natural consequences to an action. We prefer to show, lead, and help rather than tell.

When does an infant transition into the Toddler Room?  Depending on the child, we can transition the child into the Toddler Care Room as early as 12 months and as late as 18 months old. An infant must be sure on his/her feet and able to feed himself/herself. There is also the element of the child’s emotional readiness, which is determined by the teachers and parents.

How often do the infants go outside? As often as possible! We believe that children thrive in nature, so weather permitting, we are outside as much as possible. The infant program has its own playground with shade. We also take the infants on walks in the strollers.

Do parents bring food for their infant?  Currently, Parents are responsible for bringing breast milk and formula and any other food items that their child may need.

What is the ratio of teachers to children?  The ratio is 1:4.  Little Learners Academy is licensed for 8 infants and we have two caregivers.  There are other staff available for help in the center should the teacher’s require assistance, so sometimes the ratio is lower.

What kind of training do you require of the staff?  Most of our staff comes with previous experience or an education in early childhood education.  When they start with us, they go through a few weeks of training alongside experienced Little Learners Academy teachers.  All of the staff here are trained in CPR, First Aid, the mandated DCF required training as well as, continued educational classes.

Do you do background checks on your staff?  Yes.  Before anyone can start at Little Learners Academy, they must complete and pass a Level II FBI screening, Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement,  and a local law check.

What will my child eat?  What about breast feeding, can I come during the day?  We welcome breast feeding moms to come any time of the day.  As children grow and change we work closely with the parents to monitor their eating habits.

If you have any other questions about our Fort Myers infant care program please contact us via contact form or phone – 239-936-9201.

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