Fort Myers Preschool Program

The Preschool Years

The preschool years, ages 2.5–5, is a special and wonderful time in the life of young children.  They begin to extend their world and family outward, making new friends and trusting new caregivers.  They become increasingly aware of the world around them and enjoy interacting and experimenting with their surroundings.  They gain independence and self-control.  They express themselves and their ideas in many different ways.  They learn to take initiative and engage others in socially acceptable ways.  Their vivid and creative imaginations are taking flight and they are overflowing with excitement and enthusiasm for things that are new and different!

We divide our preschoolers into three classes:

  • Explorers: Ages 2 ½ to 3
  • Voyagers: Ages 3 to 4
  • VPK: Ages 4 to 5

preschool fort myersEach group has their own classroom and teacher.  A child’s teacher is who you will communicate with every day, participate in teacher conferences and start your child’s day.  All the preschool teachers get to know all the children, and you will meet and get to know all of them!

The preschool years lay the foundation for the rest of a child’s education.  It is at this time that a child’s self esteem is most significantly shaped and the time when their relationship to school and learning is also shaped. Thus, we want to give them the best possible start.

At Little Learners Academy we know that when children are engaged and having fun, they are learning.

Our Fort Myers preschool program is:

  • Child-centered – Activities and experiences are about the child’s engagement and interactions.  Children are engaged in activities that are relevant to their interests and their world and that reinforce their self-concept in a positive way.
  • Play-based – Learning is a human activity and needs to be fun.
  • Three centered learning – Children learn best when they are fully engaged – mind, body, and emotions.  We provide experiences and activities that involve a child’s active participation.
  • Process oriented – The process (vs. product) is at the heart of our efforts with children.  Lots of wonderful creations will come home with your child, and you may have no idea what they are. The magic is in the process.
  • Developmentally appropriate – We provide opportunities and activities that are geared toward and respect the ways young children develop and learn in a context of a loving environment where they are safe, valued and secure.
  • Literature rich – Children love stories!  Throughout the day we read and tell stories. We may even act them out ourselves or with puppets.  Children may also write and illustrate their own books.  We transform our environment into the world of our favorite stories and we re-live them.
  • Field Trips – The older children take field trips several times a year visiting places that are relevant to things they are studying.  Trips include visits to: the Pumpkin Patch at Halloween, visiting the nearby zoo or nature center, the beach and a hands on museum.


Do you use any sort of discipline at Little Learners Academy? We believe in redirecting and never shaming a child. We never use harsh tones and try to avoid overuse of the word “No.” We do not believe in discipline but rather teaching natural consequences to an action. We prefer to show, lead, and help rather than tell.

Do parents bring food for their Preschooler?  Little Learners Academy will provide two snacks and 2% milk to our Preschoolers every day.  Currently it is the responsibility of the Parents to send a nutritionally balance lunch for their child(ren) each day.

What kind of training do you require of the staff?  Most of our staff comes with previous experience or an education in early childhood education.  When they start with us, they go through a few weeks of training alongside experienced Little Learners Academy teachers.  All of the staff here are trained in CPR, First Aid, the mandated DCF required training as well as, continued educational classes.

Do you do background checks on your staff?  Yes.  Before anyone can start at Little Learners Academy, they must complete and pass a Level II FBI screening, Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, and a local law check.

For more information about our Fort Myers Preschool program contact us at any time.

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