Toddler Program

Welcome to our Toddler Program

Little Learners Academy knows that toddlerhood is an incredibly important time in your child’s development.  It is a time when language, social, cognitive and physical skills are growing at an exponential rate. Toddlers are constantly learning and they use all of their senses to explore the world around them. Our teachers help to encourage their curiosity by providing a safe, loving and active learning environment.

We teach through what children do best, Play!  By combining planned activities and open-ended experiences, toddlers are allowed to move at their own pace and learn through discovery.  What better way is there to understand what slimy and sticky feels like then to play with homemade goo? Toddlers love to get messy and so do we!  Our toddlers dance, sing, stack, fill, pour, talk, read, rest, and laugh.  Your child will enjoy participation in small and large group activities, as well as explore and follow their own interests in a fun and safe way.

vpk in fort myersBy keeping our ratios low, we are able to provide each child with one-on-one attention daily. We get to know and love each one of the children in our care and pride ourselves on the strong relationships we create with our families.

We want Little Learners Academy to serve as a home away from home: a playful, nurturing and safe environment. Your child will experience love, acceptance, respect, laughter, song, discovery and more here. Most importantly, we never forget that childhood should be fun.

Fort Myers Toddlers Daily Flow

While we do have a daily schedule in the toddler program, we also do our best to accommodate individual needs. We try to remain consistent without becoming too stringent. Our goal is to build the groundwork for healthy routines and schedules later on in life.

Every day, we incorporate all facets of your child’s development. Social, cognitive, language and motor skills are all a part of daily life at Little Learners Academy. Your child will sing, dance, paint, talk and cuddle everyday. But, we also understand the benefits of free-play and its purpose in a toddler’s life. If our days were too scheduled, we wouldn’t have time to explore, be spontaneous or nurture curiosity.

Toddler Program FAQ’s

What are the ratios of teachers to children in your program?
In the Toddler room, each teacher cares for no more than six children on any given day. However, we never have more than ten children and always schedule two teachers.

My child still uses a bottle, is that a problem in the toddler room?
Because of state regulations and safety concerns, bottles are not allowed in the toddler program after thirty days. We do offer the children water and/or milk in a sippy cup throughout the day.

Do you use any sort of discipline at Little Learners Academy?
We believe in redirecting and never shaming a child. We never use harsh tones and try to avoid overuse of the word “No.” We do not believe in discipline but rather teaching natural consequences to an action. We prefer to show, lead, and help rather than tell.

Do parents bring food for their Toddler?
Little Learners Academy will provide two snacks and whole milk to our toddlers every day.  Currently it is the responsibility of the Parents to send a nutritionally balance lunch for their child(ren) each day.

What kind of training do you require of the staff?
Most of our staff comes with previous experience or an education in early childhood education.  When they start with us, they go through a few weeks of training alongside experienced Little Learners Academy teachers.  All of the staff here are trained in CPR, First Aid, the mandated DCF required training as well as, continued educational classes.

Do you do background checks on your staff?
Yes.  Before anyone can start at Little Learners Academy, they must complete and pass a Level II FBI screening, Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement,  and a local law check.

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